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Our Services

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We provide consultations on freshwater prawn farming topics such as setting up new hatcheries, nursery farms and grow-out ponds, aquaculture laboratory services and many more. 



We provide various trainings customised exclusively per client request. MUGA 1-Day Training, MUGA-Hatchery & MUGA-Farm trainings are some of the current training programmes provided in-house. 


Laboratory Services

We provide laboratory services such as identification of diseases, water quality and many more. Additionally, bioinformatics trainings and short-courses are also available. 

MUGA Training

GK AQUA recruits prawn farmers for contract farming, using Giant Prawns' male broodstock supplied by GK AQUA. Contractors raise the prawns under GK AQUA's supervision and guidelines.2. GK AQUA exclusively acquires the ready-to-harvest prawn crop at a predetermined price. Advanced expenses are deducted from the sales amount, covering feed and post-larvae costs.3. Contract farmers switching to GAP can earn 40% more revenue per year by partnering with GK AQUA compared to their existing shrimp operations. GK AQUA consolidates prawns from different contractors and sells them to exporters.

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