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About Us



GK AQUA was formed to commercialise and implement its cutting edge technology to improve Freshwater prawn farming efficiency. The neo-female broodstock are male prawns that have been engineered using biotechnology method to be able to breed naturally with other males. In the absence of any female chromosome, neo-female broodstock produces all-male offspring. 

GK AQUA is a Bionexus status company. The BioNexus status which comes with fiscal incentives and support for further improved growth. BioNexus is a special status awarded by the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies.The company has provided consulting services to regional and international agencies.

All-male harvests are three times larger in size and capture a 100% higher market price than females; they grow faster (4 vs. 9 months) and can be harvested in a single day per pond. An average farmer using GK AQUA broodstock would benefit from 134% greater yield per annum compared to a typical freshwater prawn farm.

Contract farming

1. GK AQUA recruits prawn farmers to enter our contract farming program – as GK AQUA’s outsourcing. Giant Prawns’ all male broodstock will be supplied by GK AQUA and the contractors will raise them under GK AQUA’s supervision and development guidelines.


2. When the prawn crop is ready to be harvested, GK AQUA will exclusively acquire the crop at predetermined price. GK AQUA’s advanced expenses (feed and post-larvae cost) will be redeemed by deduction from sales amount.


3. Through our system, plus additional yields, contract farmers that converted to GAP will make 40% more revenue per year by partnering with GK AQUA than their existing shrimp operations.GK AQUA will consolidate the prawns from its various contractors and sell the accumulated crop to exporters.

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