About Us

GK AQUA was formed to commercialise and implement its cutting edge technology to improve Freshwater prawn farming efficiency. The neo-female broodstock are male prawns that have been engineered using biotechnology method to be able to breed naturally with other males. In the absence of any female chromosome, neo-female broodstock produces all-male offspring. 

GK AQUA is a Bionexus status company. The BioNexus status which comes with fiscal incentives and support for further improved growth. BioNexus is a special status awarded by the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies.The company has provided consulting services to regional and international hatcheries. GK AQUA has also developed techniques to drastically reduce mortalities that are not widely known or practiced in the industry.

All-male harvests are three times larger in size and capture a 100% higher market price than females; they grow faster (4 vs. 9 months) and can be harvested in a single day per pond. An average farmer using GK AQUA broodstock would benefit from 134% greater yield per annum compared to a typical freshwater prawn farm.

Our Company

GK AQUA will integrate and dominate the prawn farming industry to become a leading freshwater prawn supplier through cutting edge broodstock management and prawn farming technologies. We are dedicated to leading research and developments efforts to ensure superior yields and a continuous supply of quality Freshwater prawns through use of modern technology and farming practices.

Contract Farming

GK AQUA will leverage its core competency in enhanced broodstock and fulfill the unmet Freshwater prawn demand under a “Multi-Party contract farming” model, which essentially equates to “outsourcing” and renting existing farm and labor to grow Freshwater prawn using its unique broodstock


Our hatcheries are design to produce high quality All-Male Post Larvae using clear water technology. 

Environment & Sustainability

Almost 80% of the world’s fisheries are over exploited, depleted, or in a state of collapse. GK AQUA plans to utilise its technology to create a sustainable business ecosystem of integrated prawn farms.