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About Us

Our Story

GK AQUA  pioneers innovation in mono-sex freshwater prawns, offering advanced solutions for premium sustainable cultivation and marketing.  Our focus on quality, integrity, and innovation has positioned us as leaders in mono-sex prawn production, setting industry standards for excellence while upholding our commitment to sustainability and valuable products.

GK AQUA is a Bionexus status company. The BioNexus status which comes with fiscal incentives and support for further improved growth. BioNexus is a special status awarded by the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies.The company has provided consulting services to regional and international agencies.


Contract Farming

1. GK AQUA recruits prawn farmers for contract farming, using Giant Prawns' male broodstock supplied by GK AQUA. Contractors raise the prawns under GK AQUA's supervision and guidelines.

2. GK AQUA exclusively acquires the ready-to-harvest prawn crop at a predetermined price. Advanced expenses are deducted from the sales amount, covering feed and post-larvae costs.

3. Contract farmers switching to GAP can earn 40% more revenue per year by partnering with GK AQUA compared to their existing shrimp operations. GK AQUA consolidates prawns from different contractors and sells them to exporters.

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