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Aquaculture Technician

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Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

 • Provide a high degree of administrative and technical support to overall hatchery operation
• Participate in overall quality control of the work (budget, schedule, plans, biosecurity) and report on
project status
• Organise and monitor the start-up (collecting broodstock, organising live feed- larvae- weaning-
nursery-prawn pathology and biosecurity procedures and required personnel, monitoring maintenance
• Responsible for hatcheries operation data (budget, actual, personnel, biological data, performance &
• Coordinate and manage project data and activities, their processing and dissemination
• Develop strong collaboration with external partners
• Produce technical reports, research papers and regular programme news update detailing the project
principal developments and discoveries


About the Company

GK AQUA pioneer in Freshwater Aquaculture Biotechnology, a local company formed to commercialize and implement its cutting-edge technology to improve Freshwater prawn farming efficiency. With the proven success in broodstock development, GK AQUA focused on development of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) through its genetic, farming technologies, nutrition, and sustainability. Currently with proprietary biotechnology applied by GK AQUA, freshwater prawn production increased to meet demands whereby consistent supply of high-quality broodstock produced.

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