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Biotechnology of Mono-Sex
Freshwater Prawn

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming of Malaysian Giant Prawn - M'Ros 


GK AQUA is a pioneering freshwater aquaculture biotechnology company established to commercialize and implement its cutting-edge technology, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of giant freshwater prawn farming. A novel biotechnology innovation discovered in producing All-Male Giant Freshwater Prawns as a solution for conventional farming method. This innovation not only brings high efficiency in the aquaculture industry but contributes to global food security as GK Aqua is committed to produce carbon-neutral prawns

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The Solution -
All Male Giant Prawns


  • 3x larger in size ​

  • 200% higher market price​

  • Faster growth > 4 vs. 9 months​

  • Require harvesting in a single day​

  • 134% greater yield​



Our Focus on Sustainable Development Goals

Our Mission

To build GK Aqua and Sento Biotech as high growth companies that lead the way through the practical application of science, technology and innovation in aquaculture.

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